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Mehsana Buffalo
Mehsana Buffalo is known for its high milk production capacity. This breed of cattle can produce 7 liters to 9 liters of milk per day and produced milk contains up to 7.5% fat.
Dairy Buffalo
Physical attributes of Dairy Buffalo depend on its breed. This dairy animal is mainly grown for milk production, for pulling cart and also for agricultural activities. Usually, it can produce up to 2 kg milk per day.
Murrah Buffalo
Murrah Buffalo is acknowledged for its high milk production rate and produced milk contains 7.8% fat. This breed of buffalo can survive harsh climate and its immunity power is very strong.
Dairy Cow
Dairy Cow offered by us is reckoned for its high milk productivity, improved immunity power and long life span. This range of healthy cow is also known for its high breeding capacity.
Nili Ravi Buffalo
Nili Ravi Buffalo is mainly gorwn in sahiwal region of Pakistan and Ferozpur of Punjab. This breed of buffalo has small and dense horns, small and elongated head. It can produce up to 1850 kg milk in every lactation period.